Saturday, May 19, 2012

But She's Pretty Child Goes To New Orleans

For the past four days there has been a big lawyers convention in New Orleans, all expenses paid. So But She's Pretty Child flew out there Thursday. She started sending me pictures of her "vacation". I lived there for 5 years and the city has always been close to my heart. I have always wanted to go back and see the places I miss so much, meet up with old friends and mourn what Katrina took away from my city. She knows this, has known it since she was a small child and so wanted me to be able to go back while my health still allows it. She invited me to go with them but I couldn't go because of Lola's treatments and knowing I still have to worry about paying the $400-$600 dollars for her future, and hopefully last, treatments there was simply no way I could afford it. So she has been blowing up my phone sending me pictures while she is there. My son and I decided, as a joke, we would blow up her phone with pictures of  our "vacation" too. This is the type of the pictures she is receiving:

All pictures taken locally around the town we live in and easily recognizable to her as being such. Only But She's Pretty Child would appreciate the humor in this and comment back on each "vacation" picture.

Then last night she is walking Bourbon St and runs into a filming of an episode of True Blood. Knowing I would jump Alexander Skarsgards (Eric Northman) bones in a heartbeat she starts taking pictures of him. That's good, and was interesting, she took several but this is the only one I am going to bore you with because no one really wants to see someone's else's vacation pictures:

Then I get this message from her that says "I touched Vampire Bill, I couldn't get to Eric!!!". Now if this was anyone else it wouldn't be a cause for concern. But it isn't anyone else it is But She's Pretty Child, who is capable of doing almost anything. I have these visions of her running onto the set and throwing herself on him. I haven't heard from her since late last night, she may be in jail for attempted rape or at the very least assault. Thank God she is down there with a bunch of other attorney's! I was already concerned for her safety when she ask a tour guide "Who the hell is Marie Lavaeu anyway?" But she's pretty!


  1. I lived in Louisiana when Katrina hit. It was horrible.

    I love how you guys are having your staycation and you're sharing it with your daughter.

    Eric is wicked hot and I'd crash a set for him!!

    1. I wasn't there when it happened, we were only getting the bands from it and that was enough for me, we had a lot of damage but nothing compared to Louisiana. I can remember just sitting and crying watching what the stormy did. I have a police folder full of pictures that to this day I have not looked at it.

      My daughter and I are always doing silly stuff like that to each other. She is threatening to put them on the internet titled "Mom's Fabulous Vacation". If she does then I will be forced to post all the pictures I took of her right after she had her wisdom teeth removed and she constantly drooled for two days while wearing her penguin pajamas and her face swelled up like a basketball.

  2. My vacation pics would include, the cigarette counter of the local store, the shelves of chocolates, my coffee maker and my bed. So in that respects, you lead a much more exciting life than me.

    And how is little Lola by the way?

    1. Lola is doing some better, her counts still aren't where they should be but are better. She goes back in this week to see if they are holding well enough that we can wait until the next week for her next treatment. Hopefully so.

      You and I are perfect candidates for a vacation on the Redneck Riviera, since my son lives there it would be cheap, we could stay in bed all day and run out on the porch in our pj's from time to time to take a pic of the ocean, to make it look like we are actually out and doing something. We can leave Spawn with the Demon Seed, I don't see how either one could corrupt the other, they could spend their time plotting world domination together, and the big perk is my son that lives and works there is old enough to go buy our cigs for us, we wouldn't even have to go out and do that!

    2. Yeah. You're not going without me.

      Glad to hear she's getting better.

  3. The thing that I like the most about this is THEY ARE FILMING ANOTHER SERIES.

    But the pics are hilarious.
    Got something for you on my blog :)X