Monday, January 14, 2013

Where Is The Battery?

I just finished reading Monkey's latest post over at The Ranting Monkey, you need to check him out. Anyway, and I'm not going to tell you what his post is, you can go read it yourself, but right after reading it I realized what an "impact" it had on me. I was eating a Hot Mamma pickled sausage, didn't want to finish it and was trying to stuff it back in the plastic wrapper. Thanks Monkey for all the images that brought to my mind!!

Also Lily's son, Spawn has started a blog for all Dr. Who fans and those, such as me, that know nothing about him but am learning through Spawn. It's great reading and he knows his stuff. Go check him out at Last Of The Zolfa-Thurans

Phone call from Mom (who lives 700 miles away from me):

Mom: It's raining cats and dogs outside. Is it raining there too?
Me:    Yes, it's coming down hard here too and we are under flood warnings.
Mom: Look at the way it is coming down sideways.
Me:    Mom, I can't see how your rain is coming down sideways from here.
Mom: All you have to do is get up and look outside!
Me:    Mom, I live 700 miles away, just because it is raining sideways at your house doesn't mean it is here.
Mom: Well, just get up and look at it anyway, I bet it is.
I get up and go look look, no sideways rain here where I live.
Me:    No sideways rain it's coming down straight.
Mom: Well, that is strange ours is sideways.
What can I say?

Demon Seed wants to borrow $10, I don't have a ten only a twenty, I told him to bring me the change back and because he has no job and refused to sign a contract  I basically have no legal expectation of being paid back so taking him to court for the other $10 is not an option. So yesterday we were out and I wanted to stop for a fountain drink, I thought I was being slick by telling him to just buy them out of the $10 left over from the night before that he hadn't give me back yet. Today I open my email with a message from PayPal thanking me for using their credit card and giving me a receipt for the drinks. I ask about it and his excuse, which makes perfect since to him, was that he had used it to put gas in the car and since he put it in MY car then he technically gave me the money back. He doesn't get the part that even if he DID put it in my car I didn't ask him too and he was the one that used the car to run that gas out still leaving him owing me$10. He just looked at me as if I had two heads sprouting asparagus out of them and walked off.  We are now at a stand off with the car keys being held hostage, locked safely in my lock box, when that $10 shows up he can have them back. How much you want to bet he has that lock picked before today is over? But that's OK too, he can't get far without a battery in the car. Now that, he won't think to look for.


  1. Thank you for the link!

    I used to rob my dad blind when I was a teen. He'd send me to the store for butter with a $50 and I'd bring back only the butter. You'd have thought he'd start giving me smaller bills. In my defense, he never asked for the change.

    Because of this, I always tell my children to bring me my change. The boys are good about it, the daughter spends it and just gives me the smile she knows I can't resist.

    The circle of life.

    1. No prob on the link, good blogs need to be shared. My girls did the same thing and it was always something they "really, really needed" like sparkle nail polish or make up of some kind. I should have learned by now to send the Devil's Advocate instead of Demon Seed, he will bring it back and count the change back out so it matches the receipt. Demon Seed is a hustler.

  2. Wanted to thank you for your comment. Your comments can be as long as you want. I love comments. Your's was very helpful. I did begin telling her, "No biting!" and then I immediately put her in her cage/kennel. I do not keep her in there long at all. I was very glad to hear you say not to make the punishment long. I was already doing what you said but didn't realize it WAS the right thing to do. She is not afraid of her kennel either. In fact, when she gets a bone, she will take it in there for privacy. We are doing well now. Well, ok. She is off on a 3 week hunting trip with my husband but still.....
    Hope things improve with your son. There seems to be alot of issues with teenage boys lately. Hang in there.

    1. Your welcome and it sounds like you did just the right thing. I never punish by putting mine in a crate and one loves his crate and voluntarily gets in it on his own for naps or as your's does to eat his treats. The other one will kick up a fuss every time but will settle down in about 5 minutes of being ignored and finding out it isn't doing her any good. She hates confinement of any kind unless their is a human confined with her. I usually grab mine by the ruff on their neck (just like a Mamma dog does to her puppies when they are doing wrong) and give a quick shake with a firm "No" as punishment, anything past that time and they have no idea what they are being punished for.
      Demon Seed isn't a problem child, I write sarcastically and sometimes it can come off that way. He is actually (do not EVER tell him I said this) a good kid, never gives me any trouble outside of minor hustling and changing girlfriends so fast I can't remember their names so I have taken to calling all of them "hon" so I don't make a mistake. He is the louder one of the two, the Devil's Advocate is very quiet, or it could be he is just sneaky and I haven't caught up with him yet.

  3. Thanks so much for mentioning Spawn's blog. Well all I can say is that you've got a fan in that one. He's exact words were, "I like her, she sounds crazy like you...but slightly less psychotic". Note the fact that he said 'slightly.'

    Whatever Spawn doesn't bring me back in change, I calculate the amount and then at the end of the year, take it out of his savings, or at least I used to. Having saved up £180 last year and then having his mother take back over £50, soon put a stop to that.

    As for you and Demon Seed, I know for a fact that that will be me and him in a few years time. Should have ripped out my womb when I had the chance. xx

  4. I've missed you. Having trouble finding people.