Tuesday, April 16, 2013

For Donna

Because you never fail at any of these things!


  1. If I could I'd make you something beautiful, because you've made my whole life better. Thank you.

  2. I have the gift of having a friend that is as fucked up and crazy as I am, the bonus is she makes me laugh. That's all I need. Love you!

  3. Shea!! Glad you're back. So sorry to hear about your son and the shingles. Donna has been keeping me abreast of things. Stupidly, I'm one of these people who thinks that no one wants to receive an email from Lily at such a bad time, as I always balls up and say the wrong thing, (not very good at articulating myself via email)so Donna has been my conduit to my well wishes and what's been happening.

    You guys are so lucky to have forged such a great friendship and long may it reign. :)

    Sending much love to you and your son.

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