Sunday, January 19, 2014


My mother had major surgery in July, not easy on someone who is 84 yrs old. I saw my mother in a state I have never seen her in, vulnerable. At 84 my mother still mows her own yard, drives, goes whenever and wherever she wants. In all my life I have never seen her need anyone. It shook me up. She was in intensive care for three weeks, dependent on everyone for everything. I'm not saying she did so quietly, she expressed her displeasure at the situation to anyone who walked through the door. Exactly why I suspect she recovered so quickly, nothing but pure determination and quite possibly brute force. I did notice the day she was moved to a regular room the Dr. had a slight discoloration on one side of his face.

We were told that we were looking at least a year before she would be back to her normal self and at least three more weeks in the hospital. She left the hospital six days later and is already back to her normal self. Her Dr. told me he has never seen anyone, of any age recover from that type of surgery so quickly. Obviously he does not know my mother. It's a little hard to fight with your sisters, keep up with what the neighbors are doing, gossip on the phone all day, socialize on the internet in hopes of finding just where I have moved my blog and under what name it is so she can tell the rest of the family what I have said about them, trim your bushes and mow your yard, flirt with the AC man all from the hospital. He did not calculate all of this into her surgery plan, I bet he does if she ever needs surgery again.

Ironically, a little less than a week after she came home I had to have the exact same surgery. The difference being mine went according to plan. Possibly because I don't care about the neighbors, I refuse to fight with my siblings, my AC man has a serious case of ass crack, I am not trimming any bushes or mowing any yards, hate the telephone and I already know where my blog is.

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