Friday, July 20, 2012

New Awards

I received this award from Lily at The Incoherent Ramblings of a Moose

I also received this award from Lily at The Incoherent Ramblings of a Moose
Probably because we both have children sired by the devil.

Crazy Mama gave this to me and I am suppose to tell you seven random things about me and then pass it along. We all know I am not good at following directions but I will do my best. Thank you for thinking of me Crazy Mama!

Hmmm.....7 random things about me, like I haven't bared my life enough on this blog!

1. My favorite food is asparagus. Probably why I am half crazy.

2. I go bat shit crazy when a smoke alarm goes off. You do not want to be the person standing beside me when this happens, I will claw you to death climbing up your back and screaming "Run, run you idiot" very loudly in your ear.

3. For months now I have had a stalker. He keeps showing up at my door asking to come in. I slam the door in his face. He shows up when I am on my balcony and takes my picture. Turns out I find out today he isn't a stalker after all, he has Alzheimer's and can't figure out why I won't let him in HIS house and thinks he is taking pictures of his daughter. Leave to me to not even be able to have a proper stalker!

4. I am absolutely crazy about my dogs

5. I have a pink rhinestone case on my cell phone, one of my sons swears it's because I think it makes me look like Paris Hilton.

7. Green is my favorite color

Now I must pass this award on to three people that follow me, since I just moved my blog and all my followers haven't gotten here yet this one is easy:

Nicole and Macho at Macho Minute

Dirty Cowgirl at Left Alone With a Full Moon


  1. Shea I have my very own stalker too. (more about him in the next post)
    Why can't stalkers be good-looking, or even half way decent? My one just looks kinda rapey.

    And thanks so much for the award. :D

    1. At least yours looks rapey Lily, mine has damn Alzheimer's! If I had a good looking stalker I would probably just let him in and get murdered. I have no self control.

  2. Well, I am glad you picked us even if it's because you don't have a lot of followers :)

    But I must say that asparagus is one of my favorite foods too, and my favorite color is green as well! And obviously I am crazy about my dog too, otherwise I wouldn't have this blog :)


    1. That is because my lazy followers are getting here fast enough to join! But the real reason I chose you is because Macho and all he has been through, and all you have done in working with him is one of my favorite little guys in the world.

  3. It's better to not have a proper stalker. I had one, long ago, before anyone knew the word. He followed us all the way to Pompano Beach, then Orlando then back to Pompano. We never knew he was there, It never leaves you. My daughter is 32 and is still affected by it. I love asparagus too. Can you tell me how you prepare it? It sucks when I make it. I'm not a cook at all, but I'd love to make that and have it not taste like ass paragus. Congratulations on all your awards!!! Well deserved.

    1. I actually have a proper stalker who was finally caught and put in a hospital for the criminally insane for life. He threatened to kill me, my children, stalked my children at school, got into my house one night, cut my phone lines, cut my brake lines. You name it, he did it. Total stranger to me. I always live in fear of them letting him out and him finding me. He still swears to this day that he is going to kill me when he gets out. I hope he continues to tell them that, as long as he does they will keep him firmly locked away.

      I always steam my asparagus first as I like it soft and a little mushy. From there I make it many different ways. Sometimes with only butter, salt and pepper. Sometimes I wrap it in foil with some butter and onions and grill it. I also like to roast it in the oven with butter and garlic and then serve it alone or over rice.