Sunday, February 26, 2012

Because I Really Can Follow Directions, Even If It Chaps My Ass To Do So

I was giving this award by two wonderful bloggers this week, Lily from The Incoherent Ramblings Of A Moose and MiMi from Magistical Mystical MiMi

I have put the award in my award section at the top of my blog.

 I do have my suspicions that Lily just wants to see if I actually have it in me to follow orders since this is not usually something I do readily. But I am going to try.

The first set of rules are:

  1.  Link back to the person who gave you the award. (This I happily complied with)
  2. Follow the person who gave you the award. (Easy one I was already following Lily because she is my daily drug and now I am following MiMi because I so enjoyed reading her blog. Plus I think I may have stalker in my bloodline.)
  3.  Proudly display your award on your blog. (Yep, another easy one, although I really was disappointed that Lily wasn't sharing the "Shit Talking Award", I rather liked that one too)
  4.  List 5 of your favourite things. (Come on! Only five?)
  5. Pass on to 5 fellow bloggees. (Bloggees is a real word, right? This one is going to be a little harder because Lily has already scarfed up the blogs I read the most.

Five things I like:

1. My kids, they provide endless opportunities for stories and they don't disown me for pointing out the really stupid or funny things I write about them. They expect it. Plus I think there is a law somewhere that says I might have to mention them, just in case I am not taking any chances by leaving them out.

2. Inclement weather of any type. Snow, tornadoes, wind, I love them all. I am the idiot standing outside looking for that wall cloud while everyone else is running for cover. I think all my storm spotter classes must have given me false security.

3. The unknown. I love reading and studying about the unknown, but is it really the unknown or just the unrecognized? Am I crazy or are you crazy? My PhD makes me ask this silly questions.

5. Graphics. Doing graphics calms me down and releases my inner creativity. I didn't say my inner creativity was good just that I feel good doing it, which is why the background on my blog changes almost daily so as to confuse my readers as to if they are on the right blog or not.

 So here is who I pass this one too, in no particular order because my drugged mind is having a hard time thinking in complete sentences let alone trying to make sense of them or put anything in order.

1. The Ranting Monkey (He just makes me laugh and has a way of putting sense to my ramblings, you really need to read his blog)

2. Left Alone With A Full Moon (Because we are so much alike I am fairly sure at least two of our parents had an affair at some point)

3. Living In An Estrogenic Flux ( She gets me, even when I'm not sure I am getting myself)

4. Mimi The Great (There is very little that comes out of Mimi's mouth that I don't agree with and find hysterical. I adore her blog and her philosophy on life, plus she is a crazy pug mamma and a proud pug slut like I am and I learn my best curse words from her, Mimi definitely has a way with the English language) 

5. Clay Baboons (I recently just found Stephanie and have to say I love her and her clay characters, is it wrong I want to cry every time she smashes a clay character? It's almost like they become family, no I wouldn't mind if she crushed some of my family, but the clay figures can put me in mourning for at least 5 minutes)

Let me clarify here, I don't expect anyone to follow any of these guidelines or actually have to pass this along, it just seemed like in my state of mine today a guideline might keep me out of trouble. So enjoy the awards in away way you see fit, you should all know by now that rules are not really my thing and I actually like it when you break them. That's why I follow this rag tag bunch of bloggers, you all make sense to me.

Oh yeah, and another thing for all you English teachers that find such joy in pointing out my writing mistakes and misspellings to me by email, save your time, I am not going to fix them, I know I fucked some of it up, I don't give a shit and your emails will not invoke even the slightest care on my part. That's all.



  1. Thank you, for the award, the link, and the kind words. I've never followed the rules on those things, opting to just highlight posts and people when they are in my mind.

    I have been reading the ones you linked though. Good stuff. You have great taste.

    1. See normally I would have been clearer with this, I never, ever expect anyone to follow any of the silly rules with these awards, in my case today it was easier to have a guideline to follow than to trust the shit floating around in my head. So your good to go.

  2. Thanks very much.

    I will accept it and add it to my award page, but I am not going to comply with the conditions.

    I can't be arsed.

    I think it must've been your Mum and my Dad, cos my Mum only ever had sex twice. Me and my sister were the results.
    Whereas Dad travelled in the navy...

    1. I am extremely proud of you for not following the conditions, I really never meant for anyone too, I don't usually either, sometimes I just make up my own and they have nothing to do with those asked for. But as I told Monkey I don't quite trust my own ramblings to today so a guideline sounded like something I might need to consider.

  3. Best acceptance speech EVER!

    I'm honestly shocked that you complied with the conditions but I'm also guessing that this will be the last time.

    I think that if we keep at it, then between you, DCG and me, we can break the chains that bind others to these dastardly stipulations... or whatever that rather long word means.

  4. Thank you! :) This is very sweet. And I promise never to smash any of your family members.

  5. Bad news, won this award AGAIN.